Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra

Our Donors

We would like to thank the following supporters of the Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra:

Maestro ($2500–)
Bill Blakey
Dr and Mrs Michael Cunningham
Jeane Custin
Ed and Betty Dinwiddie
Jerry and Donna Pangburn
Mrs Virginia Ross
Mary and C B Wilson
Director ($1000–2499)
Brenda Vann and Mike Adamo
Richard Bolstein and Sharon Adams
Brig General and Mrs. Bill Alexander
Joe and Susan Davis
Col Mark and Sandra Henderson
Bill and Judy
Jake and Deborah Kleinschuster
Bill Jongeward and Mary McDermott
Anonymous Patron
Anonymous Patron
Bob and Patty Rouse
Charles & Anne Salembier
Gib and Lynn Stevenson
Dr Mary J Wahlstrom
Rudolph Yobs
Concert Master ($500–999)
Dr. Rita Mae Brown
Laurel Cartwright
Pete and Beverly Frank
Peggy and Steve King
John and Betty Lowdermilk
Mollie McCurdy
Anonymous Patron
Chas and Sue Pauly
Ellen and Dsn Schorsch
Artist ($250–499)
Marie Beck
Mark and Bonnie Bonar
Shirley Brand
Mark and Caron Catron
Dr and Mrs Joseph Cochrane, Jr
Jane and Mark Cook
Shirley and Paul Dana
Clarke and E. K. Guilliams
Drs Melissa and Sam Hostetter
Patricia Hunt
Jim and Karen Lansing
Gail Mann
Mark and Beverly Strickler
   in honor of: Jim and Candy Kluesner
Jim and Mary Ellen Weaver
Harvey and Leslie Wilcox
Benefactor ($125–249)
Joyce Allen
Dennis and Anne Barnes
Ken and Linda Barnes
Pat and Bud Buehler
Gloria Crapser
Dr. Sandra Curry
Abigail Edwards
RADM & Mrs James Ferguson USN (RET)
Walter Flora
Dale and Charles Gasque
Elizabeth and Ed Gatewood
Jay and Dede Hamilton
Nancy Handley
Nancy Harig
Leon Harouff
Betty Hausrath
   in memory of: Louis Hausrath
Cornelia Henry
Bird Heuchert
Drs. Norman D’Allura and Erika Kancler
Dr. Lise Keiter
Richard and Ellen Keiter
Harold and Barbara Kelshaw
John Lanham
   in honor of: Lisa McDermott & Mark Riggle
Danny and Pam Leech
Judy and Charles Lendermon
Frank and Betty Lucente
Michelle Mead
Anne Moore
Anonymous Patron
Paul and Marian Posey
Joe and Lainie Rainwater
Karen Rosasco
Nancy and Wes Ross
Shirley and Ralph Ruedy
Pete Rufe
Bob DuCharme and Jennifer Salzberger
Marv and Annette Schaff
Margy Hickam Stanford
Eleanor Supple
Than and Jennifer Ward
Mr. Benjamin Wells
Kenneth and Louise Whipple
Sharon and Scott Wilson
MaryAnn and Raymond Wirth
Emma Jean Wise
Julie Scott Woosley
Nina and Alexander Yagupsky
Patron ($50–124)
Judy and Tracy Aitcheson
Joan Anderson
Dr. Gimer Ayers
Patti and Tony Barretta
Jean Blackwell
Jim and Jean Anne Boland
Blair and Daniel Bourque
Nancy Boyer-Rechlin
Ruth Chodrow
Pete and Betty Colby
Pat and Jim Cook
Edwin and Katrina Crawford
Betty Critz
Margaret Crook
Stu and Nina Crow
Pamela Davies
Hal and Linda Davis
Linda and Creed Davis
Louisa Dixon
Sara and Steve Doherty
Brian and Margaret Donato
Kelly and Brian Donato
Mary Alice and Charlie Downs
Edna Driskill
Nancy and David Elphee
Lou and Jean Farmer
Todd and Christine Fisher
Jeanne C. Ford
Dorothy G Foss
Dorothea Gilligan
Jim and Alma Hall
Constance Harman
Betty Heafner
Paul and Barbara Hodgen
Marsha Howard
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Howlett
Eleanor Jeffers
Bonnie Jefferson
Carol and Bill Jennings
John and Phyllis Kattwinkel
Laura Kirkpatrick
Mrs. Dee Kirkpatrick
Helen Kitchens
Elizabeth La Grua
John and Elizabeth Lane
Donna Larsen
Mary Louise Leake
   in honor of: Linnea Grimm
Rene and Keith Leetun
Leona Leonard
Latane and Jim Long
Marion Maia da Cruz
Mrs. Linda McEnery
Daniel and Barbara McSweeney
Constance Mercier
Bonnie Mitchell
Michael Ann Courtney and Jeremy Nafziger
Shelva North
Margaret Palkovich
Anonymous Patron
Colette Petitt
Bill and Nancy Phillips
Javier and Marie Pou
Martha Jayne Powell
James and Elizabeth Reed
Gerald Reese
Mrs. Virginia Reid
Barbara Robbins
Susan & John Schmidt
Marj and Roy Schurmann
Frances Scruby
Carolyn Sellers
Ed Shepherd Jr
Bill and Gloria Shook
Allen Hard and Marjorie Siegel
Carol Sloan
Joyce Snyder
Ruth and Dave Swisher
Virginia Thomas
Joyce Tipton
Roger and Mary Vanhooser
Deanna Vince
Ms. Ann Weiland
Robert and Mabel Weiss
David Wheeler
Steve and Lynanne Wilson
Janet Zaorski
Donor ($1–49)
Marie Hulme Adam
Daniel and Carolyn Baker
Gary and Debra Bibens
Brenda Brooks
Chad Brown
Ray and Betty Burkart
Susan and Terry Calderwood
Joan Cavanaugh
Dick and Doris Clark
Kimberly Coe
Janice & Dale Coffey
Betty Compton
Richard and Nancy Davis
Elizabeth Dixon
Ms. Barbara Farquhar
Patricia Fracher
Richard and Donna Goodling
Barbara Haas
Anne Holland
Dr. Ming Ivory
Arthur and Ann Johnson
June Jordan
Nancy and Steve Jordan
Faye King
Karen Knoll
Sylvia and Joe Lackey
William and Rosalind Landes
Hannelore and Roger Lehr
Ruth and Jason Levinson
Douglas MacTavish
Ms. Marcia McCoy
Kathy Melton
Dave & Debbie Metz
Larry Misenheimer
Lisa Noble
June Noell
Karen Perkins
Ken and Mary Piller
Lorene Pollard
Cynthia Pritchard
Maxine McKinney & David Rash
Karen Reed
Carolyn Rhondeau
Carolyn Ringgold
W. Mitchell . Sams Jr
Bob and Susan Shiflet
Charlotte Shnaider
Mrs. Florence Showalter
Sam and Christine Showalter
Judy Smith
Ruth Sproul
Anneli and William Tattersall
Thomas Teisberg
Barbara Vandulek
Catherine Zuver

All concerts are free. Donations welcome.